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Hackett LoL Coaching

True King of Calamities

Hello I’m Paul, and I coach both individuals and teams alike. I’ve been Challenger since Season 8, I have peaked 750 LP. I have a degree in  Biological sciences. I’ve been fairly successful at different League of Legends Events such as Canada Redbull, UKLC and MENA Tournaments.
I am Rank 1 LeBlanc on EUW for most of the season as well.
In our coaching session I usually focus on your initial mindset and how to execute on concepts properly.

In Our Coaching session I usually take a look into many things such as :- 
– Theory Crafting
– Lanning Phase and Wave Management.
– Reading the map and different concepts.

Mordekaiser Coaching


My name is Ibra and I’m 23 years old.
I’ve been hovering Master and Grandmaster ELO since Season 8.
have coached people at every role for the past 8 months. I have gained many hours of experience and enhanced my methods of coaching to ensure you will climb. I do both Live game plays and VOD reviews in our sessions nr rolex milgauss m116400gv 0001 mens 40mm automatic oyster bracelet.
I mainly focus on:-
– Mechanics.
– Macro plays.

Katarina Coaching


I am one of the top Katarina players in EUW.
My name is Clemens and I’ve been coaching as of recent. I helped many students climb from lower ranks to higher ranks to hit Diamond and above.
I focus on your mechanics and lane management as well as wave management.
I can teach you different aspects about the game such as Macro plays and Team fighting.
Let’s schedule a session and climb fairly fast Yyds Mini Cup 5500 puffs!