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Free Coaching in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra.


Free Coaching in LoL

Try a Free League of Legends Coaching session. Understand your mistakes and the things you need to do in order to improve.

Free TFT Coaching

Get to the next level in TFT with our Challenger coaches. See the things you’ve got to improve on to get to the next level.

Free LoR Coaching

Master the game and every mechanic with our Legends of Runeterra coaches. Get the top rank now.

01. Join Our Discord

Fill in the form above with the details required this will allow us to arrange a coach more suited to you and your role.

Discord is the main method of communication, Join our Discord community and start your coaching. See how the coaches do their lessons and help other players rank up.
You can join our Discord by filling the form or clicking the “Join Discord” button on the menu. 

If you don’t have a Discord type “I don’t have Discord” or your Skype in the Discord box.

02. Schedule The Lesson

Once you join Discord, we will contact you as you join the server to schedule your lessons on a date that you are comfortable with.

03. Become A Part of A Community

Watch our lessons, Play with our Students and coaches, and learn the game with us. Everyone is welcome to join our League Unleashed Community Server. Dream memes victories and more all waiting for you so what are you waiting for? Join Now!

How does the free lesson work?

Fill in the forum above and join our Discord. Our support will contact you as you join the server. We’ll pair you with the most suitable coach for you according to your rank and role.

What is a free lesson?

A free lesson is a trial and a start that is given to each student who is willing to learn with us.
Therefore this will allow you to get a feel into what League Unleashed is about as well get some coaching insight before deciding to commit to us. It usually includes a comprehensive run through your OP.GG and a VOD review of choice.

lol coaching

What are the goals of the first lesson?

This session is firstly dedicated to determining your skill level and your meta adaptation. Secondly the point of this lesson is to allow you to understand the things you need to do in order to climb. In other words one session can make a huge difference in the way you’re going to climb on a given season or sessions of play.

Let's start climbing today

Start your coaching journey with a PRO Coach today. Fill in our forum and let us pair you with a PRO Coach of ours in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics or Legends of Runeterra. 
You can watch examples of how our lessons look like on our YouTube Channel.
What are you waiting for? Start your coaching journey today.